Hwy 9 in Buffalo Center,
Iowa 50424

(White Truck)

Hours of Operation

Saturday & Sunday


We do catering events during the week.

Call ahead and order!


We sell mexican style burritos, street tacos, quesadillas and tostada's.
We also sell other mexican favorites.
   Our Story

 In 2018 Dora met Dustin.

She taught him how to make authentic mexican food and tacos. They fell in love and decided on a plan to start a food truck.
They starting saving every single extra cent they could, got second jobs and made many sacrifices.

2 years later they had saved enough money and purchased their first food truck with cash saved.

Hopefully of many!
 In 2021 they continued building the brand & perfecting the menu items. Getting all the licenses and certifications they needed, insurance, and everything else needed to start the business.

Finally the website was built and everything was in place.
They began by testing for the best tortillas. Finding the best meat for the tacos. The best tomatoes for the salsa. The best cheese for the queso cheese and getting all the necessary equipment needed to pump out the delicious food super fast!

Dora's Tacos always uses only the best and most fresh ingredients they can and they keep everything as authentic as possible.

2023 update:

We've been working hard to bring more menu items. We've introduced quesadillas, mexican corn and churro chips this year!

This year has been going great so far!


 In addition to that they have also integrated cryptocurrency payments into the payment options along with cash and all major credit card options. 
 They have also created their own digital asset called TacoCoin token! 
 TacoCoin will be accepted at all locations and discounts will be given based on payment type.

TacoCoin token was built on the Algorand blockchain.
 TacoCoin token holders can hold, collect, spend, donate, or trade tokens in seconds with almost negligable fees.

Holders of TacoCoin will also enjoy discounts on all food (20% off entire order), merchandise, art, games, and anything else available for sale or any other exclusive offers.

If you're interested in adding the asset TacoCoin to your official algorand wallet add asset ID 329110405.
Come follow us!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/taco_coin?s=09

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TacoToken

: https://t.me/TacoCoin

Discord: https://discord.gg/sv5DHwDk

Swap now for TacoCoin on the front page of our website! Just connect your wallet of choice and you are good to go!

We are currently listed on many DEXs: Tinyman, Humbleswap, Defly, Pact.fi, AlgoDex and more!

Look for us!
We are a small operation, with huge goals! Will you help us achieve them?

Last Modified: 06/06/2023